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Financial Empowerment Center

The Aurora FEC is managed by the City of Aurora and partnered with The Neighbor Project, to provide individualized, culturally and linguistically sensitive financial counseling to individuals and families who self-identify or are referred to the center through a network of area social service providers. The Aurora FEC aims to bring individuals and families out of poverty and improve the financial stability of low- and moderate-income people throughout the city, supporting their economic growth, and leading to more equitable outcomes for the entire community.

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Financial Counseling Services

Individualized counseling plans:

Improve Credit Score

  • Establish and build credit in safe, smart ways

  • Understand your credit report and develop responsible credit habits

Reduce Debt

  • Prioritize payment options and make them fit within your budget

  • Develop a personalized plan to overcome the cycle of debt and work towards becoming debt free

Safe Banking

  • Find an account that is free, easy to use, and works for you

  • Build strong banking behaviors that will enable you to feel confident using your account to its full potential

Create A Savings Plan

  • Work with you to identify your personal goals and develop a savings plan to help reach them

  • Grow your savings and build lasting habits to help you put aside money for short and long-term goals 

General Money Management

  • Create a realistic budget that works for you

  • Gain skills and confidence to successfully manage your money and reach your future goals

Home Ownership

  • Professional guidance as you start the process and take the next steps toward becoming a home owner

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City of Aurora Financial Empowerment Center

Get in touch with the Financial Empowerment Center staff to learn more about our services and how you can benefit.

712 South River St.

Aurora, IL 60506


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