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FEC Workshops

Join us at the Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) for an enlightening workshop on Debt Management. In this interactive session, we will guide you through understanding debt, credit cards, personal loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), and debt consolidation. Learn valuable insights and strategies to empower yourself financially, ensuring a secure and informed approach to managing your debts.

Date, Time, and Language

ENGLISH - February 13th, 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.

SPANISH - February 27th, 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.


Aurora Financial Empowerment Center, 712 S. River St. Aurora, IL 60506

Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding Debt and Its Implications:

  • Define debt and recognize its various forms

  • Identify the consequences of being in debt

  • Understand how debt can impact financial well-being

2. Other Debt Management Options:

  • Explore alternative debt management strategies

  • Discuss budgeting techniques to prevent future debt

  • Identify resources for seeking professional financial advice

3. Personal Loans:

  • Understand the characteristics of personal loans

  • Discuss situations where personal loans may be appropriate

  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of taking out a personal loan

4. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC):

  • Explain what a HELOC is and how it works

  • Identify situations where a HELOC may be a suitable debt management option

  • Discuss the potential risks and benefits of using a HELOC

5. Debt Consolidation:

  • Explain the concept of debt consolidation

  • Identify the types of debt consolidation loans available

  • Analyze the pros and cons of debt consolidation

Do not miss this opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge and take control of your financial future. Whether you are looking to manage existing debts or prevent future ones, this workshop provides practical insights and tools for financial success.

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