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The Aurora Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) promotes financial wellness for Aurora area residents through counseling, education, and access to support services.

Take a look at how the FEC has helped many families across Aurora!


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Roger and Francis

“We learned about the FEC through World Relief’s Individual Development Account for First Time Homebuyers to acquire support in financial literacy. First of all, we love being advised in our language (Spanish), on the other hand we have made an excellent relationship with our financial advisor Valeria Loera who has taught us how credit works in this country! She has become a great ally in this family dream of acquiring our home!”

Angelica and Victor

"It was a 180-degree difference. It made us think better about the decisions of how to manage our credit cards, how to manage credit, raise our credit score, expenses, debt, savings and more. We were able to qualify and bought a house thanks to the help of this program and our consultant."


Diana and Antonio

"Our quality of life has improved. The stress that we had has gone down. Learning how to manage our finances so we can achieve our goals has been a blessing."



"I did not think I would be able to send my daughter to college before I came to the FEC. Paul helped me set goals for opening a proper bank account, raising my credit score, setting a budget and also building savings."

Chelsea and Joe

“The Aurora FEC has helped our family see the impact of our efforts. Before setting our plan into action we felt desperate and unsure of how our financial future would look in 5 years but now we know that if we stick to our plan and really focus on the end goal that in 5 years from now we will be completely debt free and also have an emergency fund in place, just in case we hit a major bump in the road.”


More From Our Clients

"The FEC provided me with hope and knowledge to regain control of my finances. I am now stable enough to provide for myself and my daughter. I have recommended other friends & family to the FEC. This program was so needed for our community and I am glad that it’s absolutely free!"

- Robert

"As a result of all the incredible accomplishments in a short span, I plan to continue working with FEC until I exhaust all my resources. It gives me the peace of mind knowing that there is a company that cares about my financial welfare and help me prepare in any situation rather it was opening a savings account to planning for my kids’ college fund and retirement."

- Ana

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City of Aurora Financial Empowerment Center

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